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Pinnon Hatch Farms


Home of the Original

Yellow Leg, Pea Comb Hatch

World Class Fowl Bred PURE Since 1936


Our primary breeds are our Yellow Leg Hatch, Madigin Clarets, and Lacy Roundheads from my grandfather Herman Pinnon's blood lines, some of the best fowl from my grandfather's farm that my brother and I got in 2002 when he passed away. We maintain his Pure Yellow Leg Pea Comb Hatch, also commonly known as Pinnon Hatch or Yellow Leg Herman Pinnon Hatch. If you look back in your Gamecock magazines 30 years ago, he was the only one advertising this breed, and he bred them since the 1930s. This is his breed, and they have remained in the family for 70+ years. Our Madigin Clarets have been in the family since 1946. Grandpa got these from Col. Madigin son-in-law. The Lacy Roundheads originally came from Oscar Atkin back in 1974. The Regular Greys I have are a very good bloodline that came from Fred Ettleman. They are the old Harold Brown Greys, beautiful birds. Our Radios came from Kenny Smith. But Grandfather would also do some trading with Johnny Jumper to freshen up his Radio blood.

We added a 35' x 40' insulated steel frame building on the farm to keep more aviary netting, PVC coated chicken wire, and poultry supplies on hand for those of you visiting to pick up supplies for your chickens, pheasants, quail, peacocks, chuckers, etc.

We have a lot of new products. This past year we have added some half pint, and half gallon American made cage cups. We have several different sizes of those cage cups that we will be adding to our inventory within the next couple of weeks. The white cups keep the water cooler or feed fresher in the summer. The black cups are better to keep the ice melted in the winter, and most importantly they have a lot of taper on the sides so that they don't freeze and break like the water cups that I was using. This is the best water cup I have ever seen, made here in the U.S., and for a better price than you can buy the imported cups from Randall Burkey, or Belle Farm. We are in the process of making a lot of changes to our website. Before spring we should have our website updated to distribute the American made GQF incubators that we use on the farm. I will be adding pictures regularly. OUR WEBSITE PRICES ON NETTING & POULTRY SUPPLIES ARE 5% BELOW OUR EBAY STORE Pinnon Hatch Farms  PRICES yfis Bruce