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Price- $7.59 per 1,000 pieces
Length- 4.12"
Width- .095"
18lb. minimum tensile strength

Made in the U.S.A
Fully automated state of the art molding facility employing about 100 Americans
Faster-low insertion pull through force
Stronger-high tensile strength is achieved from 1 piece advanced pawl and teeth design
Purer-manufactured from filtered nylon (reduced particle contamination)
Easier- angled tail provides quicker insertion alignment & tail finger grips allow easier handling and tightening
Safer- rounded edges provides added safety and eliminated insulation damage
Exceeds U.S. military standards (Mil-S-23190)
Manufactured to UL Listed Standards UL(1565) & CSA(C22.2) for U.S. and Canada
Material: Nylon 6/6

These 120 lb. ties are our most popular cable ties. We have them available in 4 lengths 8" 14" 18" & 24". I have used cable ties for many years attaching poultry netting and building cages for my birds.

Two things I have learned.

No.1 Do not use cable ties made in China. They can slip and/or get brittle and break.

No. 2 Always get the UV resistant ties if they are going to be used outside. I used to buy Gardner Bender cable ties. Unfortunately, like a lot of our companies run by greedy C.E.O.s making millions, instead of investing in equipment and doing some creative thinking to automate & reduce cost, they played golf instead and outsourced all of their cable ties to China.

I immediately noticed that the quality took a nosedive. I had some of their 75 lb strength UV ties in use for only 3 years. They deteriorated in the sun so badly a baby could pull them apart. I called Gardner Bender and talked to an engineer. He basically told me they only warranty them for 1 year from the date they are manufactured. These were supposed to be UV resistant. I use a lot of cable ties. I have other cable ties still in good condition that have been outside for 15 years. I have checked at Walmart, Lowes, Menards, Home Depot, etc. I couldn't find the American made zip ties anymore. I located a source to buy high quality USA zip ties in bulk. These are ACT (Advanced Cable Ties) manufactured in Massachusetts.

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