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Gamefowl, Day Old Chicks,
and Hatching Eggs

ALL BIRDS FOR BREEDING AND SHOW PURPOSES ONLY. NONE SOLD FOR ANY ILLEGAL PURPOSES. NO BIRDS SOLD FOR FIGHTING PURPOSES. PLEASE DO NOT ASK. We are currently shipping out Eggs and we ship day old chicks every week from March through September. Thanks. -Bruce

To place an order you can call Bruce Jones at 573-881-4024 Mon-Fri from 8am-6pm & Sat 9am-3pm CST (no calls on Sunday please) or Email us at

PRODUCT: I will guarantee any eggs I sell are fertile and no more than three days old when I mail them. They will be individually wrapped in bubble wrap. The inside of the box will be lined with aluminum foil. Currently, from the buyers I have heard back from, 99% of my eggs have arrived unbroken. One gentleman I have stayed in contact with that lives hundreds of miles away e-mailed me recently and said 13 of 13 eggs hatched. Another gentleman that lives over 1000 miles away said that 21 of 24 hatched.

SHIPPING: All chicks are vaccinated for Marek's at no cost. There is a time delay prior to mailing to Hawaii or Guam, in order for the Agriculture Department to send me an import permit. If your state requires an entry permit, I have access to those. If you would like me to ship to a another country, contact me, and we can check on your country's current poultry regulations. Also contact me for discounts on multiple dozen eggs or chicks. Eggs & birds are sold for breeding and other legal purposes only. We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, etc
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