Horizon Live Bird Shipping Boxes!

Live Bird Shipping Boxes - USPS Approved Shipping Boxes for live Birds, Gamefowl, Chickens, Poultry, Quail, bantams, pigeons, and more. How do I ship live birds? These Bird shipping Boxes are the best option and have great Air Circulation so your shipped Birds Arrive Alive, Happy, & Healthy!

Live Bird Shipping Boxes

Live Bird Shipping chicken quail gamefowl poultry
Dimensions : 20 x 8 x 16" tall
Compartments : One
Weight when empty : 1.2 lbs.
USPS total weight limit when full : 10 lbs.
Birds designed for, but not limited to:
Chickens, bantams, passeriformes, pigeons
Mailability of Live Adult Birds info

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For Shipping outside on the continental USA please contact us for a shipping quote BruceJones@PinnonHatch.com
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Live Bird Shipping Box Dividers

Live Bird Shipping Box Dividers
Make separate compartments for your birds
Price : $0.75 each
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